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NFT Packs

Test you luck and acquire super rare and valuable Hound NFTs With our NFT Pack Gocha Game!



Hound is releasing some amazing collectable NFT packs with unique themes and Hound Characters within every NFT pack. Each NFTs pack is only available for purchase for a limited time. Once a sale end, the Pack’s NFTs will be automatically added to the marketplace where any NFTs that have not yet been won can be bought for their true value.

Each pack contains between 5 to 20 NFTs with various levels of rarity ranging from Common to Mythical. Collectors and farmers will soon be able customize their profiles to show off all the Hound NFTs the’ve collected on the platform and browse/connect with other collectors as well.


Our one of a kind Hound NFTs will have use cases in NFT farming, gaming, partnerships, winning prizes and contests, earning Hound tokens, credits, and a few other exciting things we have planned.

Hound NFTs and our artwork are second to none and our NFTs are a must have for any collector that truly appreciates owning real art, creativity, and talent. All our NFTs are forever stored on-chain and anyone can easily verify ownership of any Hound NFT on the blockchain.

Hound Prize NFTs

Prize NFT owners can win amazing rewards such as new tech, consoles, games, and more!


Hound Prize NFTs allow everyone to test their luck in winning amazing items such as new gaming consoles, new games, new tech, and more. Each Prize NFT will have its winners announced in our telegram. We always encourage the winners share a photo with their prizes so we can retweet and celebrate their luck with our Hound community.

No purchase is necessary to participate, community members can also participate by making and posting a Hound video on their social media account (Youtube, Tiktok, IG) and sharing it on our sweepwidget and Telegram.


New Prize NFTs, Pack NFTs and of course NFT Collections of all types and rarity are always being worked on by our artists and devs. If you missed out on acquiring already sold out NFTs, you may still be able to buy them on our marketplace.

The best ways to catch all our NFT releases as early possible is to have an account on Hound to receive email notifications, stay active with our Telegram community, and follow our official social media accounts.

Hound NFT Farming

Earn BNB and Hound Tokens with the most unique and rewarding approach to NFT Farming yet. Coming soon!

The Spirit Farm

25% of your farm earnings are determined by your total spirit energy level. This includes all the NFTs you have in your possession showcasing your raw Hound power. Common to Mythical, all Hound NFTs are precious and provide real value and utility in all Hound Farms

The Pack Farm

25% of your farm earnings are determined by your total spirit energy level from the current and previous two NFT Packs. This pool automatically updates to the new NFT Pack as soon as it’s released, removing the previous 3rd oldest Pack from the active farming state.

The Collector Farm

25% of your farm earnings are determined by collecting every NFT currently released on our Marketplace. 80% of this farm is reserved for collectors that acquire at least 1 of every NFT. 20% is accessible to anyone with at least 1 of every common, uncommon, and rare NFT.

The Senpai Farm

25% of your earnings are determined by having the correct NFTs in your possession. This updates every month to a new list of 5 NFT standards. If your wallet matches them all, the Senpai Farm will be auto activated for you. No staking required, just collect Hound and earn!

Growing The Farm

4% of our total tax will go to farming Hound Tokens with this tax increasing to 6% and 10% as our MC reaches new heights. 50% of all NFT sales will also go to farming and earning BNB. Withdrawals of earnings can be made anytime you have earnings with no limits or timelocks!

Auto Staking Farms

Hound Farms do not require any stacking to farm. Simply own and collect your Hound and start earning instantly. No tedious staking required, simply have fun becoming a true Hound collector, earn, and enjoying our amazing artwork, Packs, and NFTs as we release them!

The HOUND Token

Learn all about our token and smart contract below.

Growing With Our Community

Hound Is Always Seeking Partners and Talent!


If you’re an illustrator, animator, or comic creator and would like to contribute to our hound rtwork, you may use the upload form on the artwork page and get full credit, a backlink, and a shoutout.

NFT Revenue Share

Our NFT smart contract allows us to auto share NFT revenue with our NFT partners. If you’re a big influencer or token project and would like to partner with us, please reach out by email or Telegram.


Don’t be afraid to reach out to us about forming mutually beneficial partnership if you believe our goals are in sync. We are always happy to discuss new creative ideas with driven minds and companies.


Donate to any HOUND approved charity and receive a customized shoutout of your choice on all our platforms! We’d be proud to acknowledge charitable people giving to real causes and medical research!


If you’re a great marketer or influencer, participate in our contests and win BNB and NFT Credits for your efforts in helping HOUND grow! Check out our official telegram for more info on parti


A game and animation development company fused with incredible utility and NFTs for the growth of the HOUND Chart. Check out our whitepaper below to learn all about us:

>> whitepaper <<

Check out our new whitepaper at the link below!

>> HOUND Whitepaper <<

TEAM 10%


Advisors 10%


Ecosysyem Fund 25%


Staking 15%


 Partnership and, Marketing Fund 15%


Development Fund 20%

The Hound marketplace stands out by being incredibly detailed, easy to use, innovative, and with the collector in mind. We analyzed the most popular NFT marketplaces and improved on them in every way with many new and unique features, advanced filtering options, an intuitive layout and a truly pleasing browsing experience. Check out our whitepaper below to learn all about our NFT features:

The story of Hound and the Hound universe is always being worked on and we can’t wait to show you guys an adventure like no other. In the meantime you can get to know our currect characters and their backgrounds through our Character Menu on the homepage and the link below. Every character has their own relationship and affection meter that you can grow by being a Hound NFT collector of NFTs including those characters.